Finally arriving in Ireland after a whole days worth of traveling we were greeted with lots of love and hugs from our counterparts and their parents. After introducing ourselves to each other we all met up for breakfast and talked for a good hour and a half maybe even longer!! Then we got to walk around the streets of Ennis and see some of the local shops long with seeing a couple beautiful Cathedral’s! Later in the afternoon we had a delicious Irish dinner with each other and we got to meet some friends of our counterparts who gave us some info about their schools and what they have to do to prepare for college! 

This evening Kelley had some of her closest friends come over to meet me and they were all so kind, funny, and sweet💞 and I can’t wait to be able to hangout with all of them again!! Also tonight I got to eat a “toasty” which is another word for sandwich that is toasted, I’m guessing? I also got to try some popular potato chips, brown bread, and bacon from Ireland! They were all so delicious and can’t wait for what I’ll be able to try next!! #yaep2016