This morning I got to have breakfast with Kellie and her mom💞 we ate toast with Nutella and cereal and then her mom brought us to this cafe where we got hot chocolate and a giant chocolate chip cookie!! 

Shortly after breakfast we walked down to the local radio station where Kyle, Aine, and I got to talk on the radio about the youth amabassador program. Then after the radio station we walked over to the local stadium where we watched Kellie’s sister, Anna play camogie and they won!! Because of the girls great win for the Camogie match, we went hootin in the neighborhood which is the Irish way of driving around honking their horns and the girls screaming out the window saying “WE WON” (Camogie is kind of like lacrosse but with wooden sticks) ​

Later the Ireland cohort met up together at Aine’s house and we had dinner and played a whole bunch of games and had a great bonding experience!!❤️ We definitely have bonded so much over these past three days and I can tell we all have created a friendship for life!


After dinner and games with the crew, kellie’s friends came over and did my make up like the way they do when they get dressed up for discos (dances)!! #yaep2016