Today Kellie and I decided to sleep in and get some well needed rest. We woke up around 11:30 and just layed in bed until 12:30 then Kate (abbey’s counterpart) texted in our group chat asking what we were all going to do since it was a free day. At first we were talking about going to the beach but as we began to plan to go to the beach the sky started to get cloudy so then we crossed out that idea and decided to go to the bagel factory! Oh and the bagel factory was delicious because you could tell that the bagels were made fresh😋 but the catch was you wouldn’t eat the bagel with just cream cheese or jelly you eat it as a sandwich with chicken and lettuce and things like that. It was kinda of like Einsteins bagels but better!!​ And the best part about Ireland so far is that you can have hot chocolate anywhere you go and all year long unlike Phoenix where you only crave hot chocolate durning the winter.

​After sitting and hanging out in the bagel factory for a couple hours we headed back to Kellie’s and I place to make s’mores and have a water balloon fight! When everyone arrived to the house we got the fire going after many attempts to start it but it was all ‘grand'(a popular word used by the Irish meaning ok). 

After S’mores we learned how to play Gaelic football but it didn’t last for long because we began to play volleyball. For awhile we just were playing keep it up but then we spilt up into 2 teams and all of our competitive sides came out though we were all having a blast! Soon enough Kellie’s friends began to arrive and we had a big game of volleyball and we also played game similar to hot potato but we used an egg 😳 

Then after our eggy mess we took a stroll down the street to the neighbors horse 

Now it was time for our big water balloon fight that we had been planning since we all got to Kellie’s house.

We got to finish our day with a nice hot shower and toasty for dinner! I have to be honest and say that I was worried for how many free days we had but all of us have hung out each day which has made my time here just amazing and it’s sad to think that we only have 2 weeks left