Today we got to help out in the Daycare Center for older people. It was such an amazing experience to be able to spend time with such kind people who’s day got brighter because we played solitaire or dominos with them! When we arrived in the morning we got to sit down and talk to some people who were having some tea and a scone or others who were sitting down chatting with their friends and knitting. They all loved to hear about the student exchange program and a lot of the people I met today had family in the states! After everyone had their tea we sat down in the great room and played bingo which was kind of fun to see how everyone got into the game. It was shortly over after 2 rounds and then it was time for dinner(even though it was only 12 lol) but it was nice being able to sit down and chat and have lunch with them. After lunch Kyle and I helped dry dishes and then they began to pass around the microphone for singing which was the sweetest thing ever to see everyone singing along to their favorite songs. By the time at least 7 or 8 songs were sung it was time for everyone to head home 😦 Kyle and I were asked to ride along with three ladies heading home on the bus so we could see little bit of Clare Castle. Once we came back it was time for us to leave so we said our goodbyes and we headed off to Fiona and Jennifer’s house for some games and dinner. All in all today was an amazing experience that I would love to take part in again! (Sorry I didn’t get any photos today)