Today we took the bus down to Lahinch which is a popular beach town that a lot people just go down to for the day. 

When we arrived we walked down to Joe’s Cafe and had some breakfast and played apples to apples (thanks Kyle for bringing the game) It was Kellie, Kate, Fiona, and Áine’s first time playing the game so we had good craic (popular word in Irish meaning fun time or laugh) 

We then walked down to the beach because we still had a little time kill before our surfing lesson 

 Finally it was time for our surfing lesson after killing time for about 2 hours but I think we were all still a little nervous b/c it was really windy out and we were all freezing so we were afraid it was going to be worse in the water. Thankfully we were reassured by our instructors that the wetsuits were designed to keep us warm so we would be fine! 

 After being suited up it was time to head down to the sand a get a lesson on how to ride a wave. The lesson did not last long and soon enough we were out in the water shredding some waves (at least we tried to 😂)  Sorry i didn’t get any photos of us surfing but Jennifer brought her go pro out so check her blog for some videos!!

Sadly the 2 hours we were given to surf flew by so quickly and it was time to say goodbye to this adventure and wait for the next one we encounter. 

After our 2 hours of shredding some waves we were all a little hungery so we stopped off at a shop and got a late lunch. We brought our lunch up to this cliff that had a beautiful view! ​

​After lunch it was time to head home and catch the bus back to Ennis. Today was amazing day full of laughs and trying new things! It’s sad to think we only have a week and a half left til we have to say goodbye to this amazing adventure!!