Monday morning Kellie’s grandad picked us up and took us down for some breakfast at Rocks Cafe. It was located right at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean in the town so we had an amazing view! 

Then we headed down to the ferry that was taking across the Atlantic so we could head down to Kerry which is where Kellie’s Grandads holiday home (vacation home) is. 

Once we got into the city we parked the car and went jaunting which is just a horse and carriage ride around the park. On the horse and carriage ride we stopped at Killarney Castle

Then we headed to her Grandads house and had a little snooze for a couple of hours…When we woke up we had a shower and headed for dinner at the Boar House which is just at the edge of the lake. Ironically it was a seafood restraunt but we all had burgers😋 After dinner Kellie’s Grandad took us around Kerry to see a couple hotels and the town shops

We ended the night with some delicious dairymilk chocolate bars and watching some crime tv shows on the tele(television) 

The next morning we went for a late breakfast at the Rose garden which was just a lovely place!! Sadly I didnt get any photos of breakfast but it was so so so goood!! We then headed off to cork which we saw the airport that Kellie’s grandpa company has done work at and we saw UCC (University Cork College). We then headed down to Paul Street which had a whole bunch of shops such as Penney’s, H’M, Topshop, and Starbucks! Kellie’s Grandad let us shop around for about an hour and then we got back on the road and headed to the Blarney Stone! 

Sorry all friends and family who asked me to break a piece of the Blarney Stone…I was not able to because as you can see the man in the red jacket would not let me have a little privacy when kissing the Blarney Stone. Anyways after kissing the Blarney Stone we were back on the road heading back to Ennis for some dinner at the Old Ground! Sadly I again didn’t get any photos of dinner but it was delicious👍🏼 Kellie’s Grandad then dropped us off back at Kellie’s house and now we are just chilling out after an eventful 4 free days!