​Living with my host family has been amazing experience! They have taken me into their home like I was one of there own. My host mom is very similar to my mom in the fact that they both are big supporters of their child’s sport. My host mom is always at Kellie’s younger siblings practices and games cheering them on just like my mom would. I’m not saying my host dad and my dad don’t come and support because they do! Also my host mom is very caring towards me and always makes sure that I am comfortable, happy, and well fed😋 My host dad and my dad aren’t as alike as my host mom and my mom. For instance my host dad owns his company so he works late hours so we don’t get to eat dinner with him and my dad comes home around 4:30 and usually we start dinner for the whole family so we can all eat together. My host dad and I have not really talked to much because of our busy schedules but I can say that my host dad has been very kind to me durning my stay! My host sister Anna is very sweet and shy but by the second week she warmed up to me and teached me some terms about camogie and Gaelic football since she plays both!! My host brother Charlie and I have not communicated that much as well 😦 do to his busy schedule with sports and our busy schedule as youth ambassadors. Charlie plays hurling, Gaelic football, and soccer so you can imagine that he is pretty busy as well!! Last but certainly not least my counterpart Kellie! From my previous blog you can tell that we are very similar and get a long great! Kellie and I have really bonded and have had a great craic over these three weeks!! We both are so sad to know that today is my last full day here but we can also look forward to the next 3 weeks in Phoenix together!❤️❤️ I’m so happy Kellie and I were chosen to be each other’s counterpart b/c I can’t imagine be with anyone else in the group even though I have a such a fun time with everyone and that why we have had 4 sleepover in the past 4 nights all together!!